The Barbed Wire - October 14, 2016

October 14, 2016
Updated Tool Continues to Ignore California’s Most Disadvantaged Communities
RCRC Applauds Senator Feinstein for Wildfire Funding Request

Updated Tool Continues to Ignore California’s Most Disadvantaged Communities

By Patricia Megason, Executive Vice President, Rural County Representatives of California.

The California Communities Environmental Health Screening Tool, more commonly known as CalEnviroScreen, was designed by the California Environmental Protection Agency (CalEPA) to serve as a tool for identifying California’s most disadvantaged communities when prioritizing time, resources, and programs on those portions of the state that are most in need of assistance.  However, the tool has long been criticized by disparate groups with widespread interests for its flaws in methodology.  Read More…

RCRC Applauds Senator Feinstein for Wildfire Funding Request

Leaders Urge for Forestry Reform in Energy Bill

SACRAMENTO, CA – October 11, 2016 – The Rural County Representatives of California and its members applaud Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) for tackling the practice of “fire borrowing,” the mechanism by which fuels management, forest health, watershed improvement, and post-fire mitigation project funds are swept into funding the response to the disaster rather than used towards prevention efforts and cleanup.  Senator Feinstein was joined by Senator Steve Daines (R-MT) in a joint letter to the conference committee urging reforms be included in the final energy bill currently being negotiated.  Read More…


Technological Advances and the Economy

IoT, Big Data and High Tech Farming

The marrying of technological advancements and the agricultural industry is poised to take center stage over the coming decades.  With both the world and California’s population continuing to increase over the coming decades, the ability to increase yield and maximize natural resources to feed the planet’s inhabitants has never been more critical.  The impact of the Internet of Things, big data and high tech farming are explored in this article.

Robotics and Automation

The Brookings Institute examines the impact of robotics and automation on the job market and economy in this article titled, “Job-stealing Robots are an Economic Distraction.”

Artificial Intelligence in the Public Sector

The White House recently released a report on the future of artificial intelligence (AI) and its potential impact on government services. In this Governing article, the implications and potential uses of various forms of AI to improve governmental services are explored.

Public Forum for Self-Driving Autos

The California Department of Motor Vehicles’ revised draft regulations for autonomous vehicles will be open to public comment at an October 19, 2016 workshop.  Click here for details.

North State Economic Forecast Conference

The Center for Economic Development, CSU Chico is hosting the 2017 North State Economic Forecast Conference in Oroville on January 19, 2017

For 17 years the Center for Economic Development's North State Economic Forecast Conference has helped community and business leaders translate economic trends into actionable intelligence to identify key opportunities for growth and successfully plan for the future.

The conference provides an in-depth and candid look at where the national, state, and North State economies are heading in the short and long-term.

As a premier business event, the North State Economic Forecast Conference gathers a diverse crowd that includes businesses, utility companies, non-profits, governments, universities, and elected officials from all over the North State under one roof, providing an excellent opportunity for the private and public sector attendees to network.  Click here for details.

Event: How to do Business in the Pacific Rim

In 2015, California firms exported to 229 foreign markets.  Are you exporting? If not, why not?

Join the California Asian Pacific Chamber of Commerce (CalAsian) at their 5th Annual How to do Business in the Pacific Rim event.  California is the tenth largest economy in the world, with much of the state benefiting from international trade, tourism and investment.

Learn how others are leveraging California’s strategic Pacific Rim location and California brand to increase revenues, secure financing, recruit tourists, and leverage data for economic growth.  CalAsian issue experts from commerce, tourism, logistics, and marketing will share their insights on ways to help you grow your business, organization, or community.

Register and attend this event to hear from others, gain valuable insights, and learn what you can do to drive international business to your doorstep.  Click here for details.