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California's Payment-In-Lieu-of-Taxes (PILT) program was established in 1949 to offset adverse impacts to county property tax revenues that result when the State acquires...

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In 1996, California voters approved Proposition 215 – the Compassionate Use Act – which exempts patients and defined caregivers who possess or cultivate marijuana for medical treatment...

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RCRC Board of Directors Meeting - 03/15/2017

The March 2017 Board of Directors Meeting at the RCRC office in Sacramento.


RT : View our daily recap from the first full day at https://t.co/7T7iaSqNoU
RT : : Federal policies matter to . matter to America. https://t.co/fkTHw0Rc6t https://t.co/jB21ldwRf2
RT : . Takes Action to Bolster Dam Safety and Repair Transportation and Water Infrastructure:… https://t.co/cmIfK2eQh9
RT : Assembly Member wraps up the morning Regional Symposium by setting forth priorities for… https://t.co/Kg8yn14Zss
RT : Senator echoes his colleagues comments on and Symposium and exclaims "ther… https://t.co/VGMkZilIo5
RT : Senator discusses need for safe roads, sustainable , and free in .… https://t.co/sLcWXTBPx3
RT : Senator takes his position at the podium Regional Symposium in County.… https://t.co/mXb7dbgm2S
RT : Senator pleads "we've got to get it right in California" regarding Symp… https://t.co/lxW6JMp7cA
RT : Congressman discusses the lack of storage in Northern California, and the obstacles to getting there Symposium.
RT : Congressman takes the podium Regional Symposium in County. https://t.co/5foFXPO2Tz
RT : Congressman addresses audience Regional Symposium in County. https://t.co/I0yvaJbO5f
The is posted. Your source for and regulatory items impacting . https://t.co/nvVDtEe3Y0
RCRC staff attending Regional Symposium in County today: https://t.co/gpX43FJqmu
RT : W/weather & situation stabilizing, thanks command ctr team, surveys ongoing work +… https://t.co/p77aZGylR4
Thank you for your on this issue, Supervisor Rex Bohn. https://t.co/05z0579sOw
RCRC staff is joining Chair Bob Williams in today touring potential tour stops for the April Board of Directors meeting.
BULLETIN BOARD: https://t.co/sx2oNleuP5
LEGISLATIVE UPDATE: https://t.co/9HsHnimj4U
The Board of Sups vote to support Senator 's regarding State : https://t.co/I8tBIgCr6g
The Board of Supervisors vote to support Senator 's regarding State : https://t.co/I8tBIgCr6g

News: The Barbed Wire

On Tuesday, RCRC Chair Bob Williams (Tehama) invited Greg Norton, RCRC President and CEO, Paul A. Smith, RCRC Vice President...Read more
On Wednesday, the Assembly Local Government Committee convened to hear from a variety of local officials on the looming implementation...Read more
The Senate’s Budget Subcommittee on Health and Human Services will hold its first hearing on the Governor’s proposed budget item...Read more