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California's Payment-In-Lieu-of-Taxes (PILT) program was established in 1949 to offset adverse impacts to county property tax revenues that result when the State acquires...

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In 1996, California voters approved Proposition 215 – the Compassionate Use Act – which exempts patients and defined caregivers who possess or cultivate marijuana for medical treatment...

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Rex Bohn, RCRC Chair and #HumboldtCounty Supervisor outlines the 2018 #legislative and #regulatory priorities and issues for #California’s #rural counties.

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Our newsletter will be out soon and includes a wrap up on the trade forum recently hosted with @ca_ruralcounties in Tehama County. Sign up for the newsletter from our website! Link in bio!
#rcrc #tehamacounty #economicdevelopment #knowledgeispower #tehamacountyed #ruralcounties #ruraldevelopment #cacounties #economy The results are in....Groundhog Day 2018

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Six more weeks of winter!! At this point we will take anything that remotely looks like winter..... #pleaserain #MariposaSheriff #groundhogsday #sixmoreweeks #winterwhereareyou It’s Thursday, and we are day dreaming about the weekend!! ☀️🏞🏔🏝 Forecast: Abundant sunshine, and countless places to explore, most within driving distance. California has it all!

What’s your favorite place to visit? We’d love to hear in the comments below 👇🏼👇🏼 RCRC and its affiliate National Homebuyers Fund, Inc. #NHF are proud to announce supporting the #iFoster 1 Laptop Program in all 35 of #RCRC’s #rural counties. This $400,000 contribution will provide more than 1,100 eligible #fosteryouth and former #foster youth with a #laptop. 
Click the link in bio, to read RCRC’s full press release: California’s Rural Counties Provide Laptops to Foster Youth 
#cacounties #philanthropy #giveback #communitygiving #ruralcounties Good morning from Sacramento...
Governor Jerry Brown will deliver his #stateofthestate speech this morning at 10:00 a.m. 
@calchannel will broadcast a live webcast at www.calchannel.com
RT : Join us for the 4th Annual Sierra Nevada Watershed Improvement Program Summit on March 7, 2018. Seating is limited.… https://t.co/AUOecTet39
Congratulations on your new role with 's White House team. Thanks for your support… https://t.co/VYmd3nQIvh
National Infrastructure Proposal: https://t.co/2i1Lidk5v5
California's Counties Provide to - Via : https://t.co/0AIj9wIhLx
Trafficking Prevention to be Launched Soon Locally - Via : https://t.co/53nC1lU3Zy https://t.co/hNvb4jjWPH
RT : As of last week the has completed our signature gathering campaign, ensuring we will be on the Novembe… https://t.co/riZeFJJsS4
RT : Insurance Workshop; Fire Recovery & Rebuilding Info https://t.co/YAy3i7NFOG https://t.co/uV9rey9HUE
POTUS Requests Additional Funding for Programs: https://t.co/zPv69e01JN
REGULATORY UPDATE: https://t.co/DNOb2nIkGm
BULLETIN BOARD: https://t.co/FlhPpPsLgU
KEEPING UP: https://t.co/cqpMfvAeKt
RT : The has a new Story Map that you should definitely check out. It tells the history… https://t.co/Prn192cZTy
RT : Have questions about what to plant or not plant after ? Learn more about reforestation and steps land… https://t.co/IERTaOXXEp
RCRC and Funded Prevention Education to be Launched Soon Locally - Via :… https://t.co/yFNP2rqpRI
Infrastructure Update: https://t.co/BedhkkNGlW
The State of the Rural Economy: https://t.co/4p6zG2uqJs
Rex Bohn () Lays Out Priorities for Counties as Coalition Chairman - Via :… https://t.co/l6KJLPSaRA
Wildfire Funding Fix and Reform Not Included in Final Budget Agreement: https://t.co/vNNSESObichttps://t.co/ItKsr7Rtuh
RT : Congrats ! Look forward to continuing to work together! https://t.co/4mZzRT5ajI
Editorial: Why Rural California Needs More Love: https://t.co/FAEdWt6Rf0

News: The Barbed Wire

The White House is requesting an additional $117 billion in nondefense discretionary spending for the 2018 budget. The request includes...Read more
On Monday, the White House released the Legislative Outline for Rebuilding Infrastructure in America, President Trump’s proposal to create $1.5...Read more
Announcements regarding key staffing changes of importance to California's rural counties. Susan Tatayon , 58, of Rocklin, has been reappointed...Read more
Announcements regarding hearings, grants, and public comment notices of importance to California's rural counties. President’s FY19 budget allocates more than...Read more
RCRC members are encouraged to submit comments on regulatory matters to state and federal regulatory bodies, and to provide a...Read more
RCRC members are encouraged to share letters addressed to state and federal representatives and regulatory bodies with RCRC’s Government Affairs...Read more
I was recently sworn in as Chair of the Rural County Representatives of California, better known as RCRC. The core...Read more
Last week, RCRC Vice President of External Affairs Justin Caporusso and RCRC Vice President of Governmental Affairs Paul A. Smith...Read more