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Senate Bill 649, authored by Senator Ben Hueso (D-San Diego) relating to “small cell” siting, would strip public input, limit full discretionary review, and remove the ability for counties to...

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California's Payment-In-Lieu-of-Taxes (PILT) program was established in 1949 to offset adverse impacts to county property tax revenues that result when the State acquires...

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RCRC Executive Committee Meeting - 09/27/2017 to 09/29/2017

The September 2017 Board of Directors Meeting at the RCRC office in El Dorado County.


This summer, we asked our followers to submit photos of California's beautiful rural counties for the 2017 Rural County Photo Contest.  We received more than 100 images from people throughout the state, visually displaying what makes their communities great places to live, work, and play!! From wildflowers to jaw-dropping sunsets, the beautiful images amazed us - and the judges.  Thank you to everyone who participated this year - you helped make this photo contest a success!! CONGRATULATIONS TO HUMBOLDT COUNTY'S MIRANDA MOORE!! WINNER of RCRC's Rural County Photo Contest RCRC Chair, Supervisor Bob Williams (#tehamacounty), joins local government partners and leaders at the #Capitol to urge #GovernorBrown to #veto #SB649, the telecom power grab. #NoOnSB649 #caleg #cacounties #RCRC FINALIST #3 HUMBOLDT COUNTY 📷: Submitted by Miranda Moore 
After weeks of debate, the 3 finalists in RCRC's 2017 #RuralCounty #Photocontest have been selected. 
Please vote for your favorite photo by FINALIST #2 SUTTER COUNTY 📷: Submitted by Chris Starkey  After weeks of debate, the 3 finalists in RCRC's 2017 #RuralCounty #Photocontest have been selected. 
Please vote for your favorite photo by After weeks of debate, the 3 finalists in RCRC's 2017 #RuralCounty #Photocontest have been selected. 
Please vote for your favorite photo by Last week, RCRC 2nd Vice Chair Randy Hanvelt (@tuolumnecounty) and RCRC Board Member and NACo WIR 2nd Vice President Kevin Cann (Mariposa County) met with Senator Dean Heller to discuss Federal Payments in Lieu of Taxes (#PILT) program  at the NACo PILT Fly-In in Washington, D.C. 📷: NACo
Farm, forest, water, nature & counties support management to create healthy & secure supply: https://t.co/JXx54mPCDF
Officially Declares 2017 Most Expensive Season on Record: https://t.co/38Y2ss1X2m
Kicks-Off Tour: https://t.co/C1JAF4fK4n
RCRC Hosts Services Workshop in https://t.co/KA7nI9tnCE
RT : Supervisor joins in saying & urging to veto the bill… https://t.co/ezmqDJXhsX
The is posted. Your source for and regulatory items impacting . https://t.co/5cWULmxhAH
BULLETIN BOARD https://t.co/5u6o7k9msZ
Federal Update: https://t.co/TvSsmbY119
RT : Thanks for bringing the Worksh… https://t.co/yJp7nX6dG4
Thanks to Supervisor Dan Miller for his ! https://t.co/lz0RV3SMUD
RT : Gearing up for another successful services workshop in Grass Valley! Excited to team with ag… https://t.co/2UOXw50IsF
Revised Waters of the State Rule Gets First Hearing by State Board: https://t.co/Dqd8DdntTX
RCRC Advocates for Federal : https://t.co/qDSCHroUVG
RCRC President/CEO Greg Norton to speak at 2017 Redwood Coast Forum this week: https://t.co/kssgq2lRMR
Thanks to 2nd Vice Chair Randy Hanvelt for his ! https://t.co/1VGUGRMxj4
RCRC-Opposed and Continues to Move Forward: https://t.co/q5KJxs4QQP
Don't leave behind - via : https://t.co/x0FlLpXTwJ
REGULATORY UPDATE: https://t.co/H4WiVfxMq1

News: The Barbed Wire

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