California’s rural communities face many challenges with respect to maintaining and growing their economic competitiveness and retaining and attracting an educated and qualified 21st century workforce.  Innovative policy approaches are needed to strengthen and grow critical and emerging industry sectors to attract the living-wage jobs our communities need to recover from declining economic conditions.  Although California has experienced economic growth overall, many rural counties continue to struggle with declining economies. The losses of traditional industries such as timber production and mining have not been adequately replaced with other comparable industry clusters that provide new and gainful employment opportunities.  RCRC is dedicated to preserving these core industries while working to support and advance new and existing economic opportunities by leveraging the natural strengths and advantages of our member counties and their regional economies.

RCRC partners with economic development agencies and organizations, the Governor’s Office of Business and Economic Development, the California Centers for International Trade Development, Export-Import Bank, U.S. Department Agriculture, U.S. Department of Commerce, U.S. Small Business Association and other public and private partners to identify and advance rural economic opportunities.

Staff:  Tracy Rhine, Mary Pitto and Terrance Rodgers