The Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD) is initiating a process to redesign the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) program to meet federal requirements, reflect budgetary shortages, address low expenditure rates and high levels of unspent program income, and comply with Senate Bill 106, which expressed legislative intent for improving the CDBG program, and directed HCD to engage in specific activities to address stakeholder concerns.  

HCD has released a CDBG Proposed Program Redesign Framing Paper to provide a framework for the redesign process.  This Framing Paper describes the current CDBG program, provides background for the 2017 redesign, identifies the goals and challenges of the redesign, and describes the redesign process and timeline. 

The 2017 CDBG redesign will result in new CDBG program guidelines and will be developed in partnership with the CDBG Advisory Committee.  HCD is currently completing the formation of a Redesign Working Group, which is expected to begin meeting in late August.  Listening sessions are planned for August and September throughout the state.